• Registrations are open! Latest delegate bookings for 2015 include: Network Rail: Head of National Operating Strategy
  • Network Rail registers further team members: Programme Manager and Operation & People Strategy Manager

Communications Based Train Control (CBTC) Conference London 2015 – Call for Papers +44 (0)20 7096 7154

With rail passenger numbers growing, increasing capacity is a top priority.
New communications based signalling technology (CBTC) can transform the rail industry, providing numerous benefits such as increasing capacity, operational efficiency, reducing headway and improving the ability to respond to growing passenger demand.

Averting the costs of developing new lines through the optimization of existing rail infrastructure sounds ideal, however there are many challenges in implementing communication based control.

On March 10th 2015, industry leaders will come together to share insight, best practice and gain further understanding in critical infrastructure train control issues such as implementation, cost and maintenance, migration, conducting risk assessments and interoperability. 

I usually attend the big shows with 500  or more attendees and you simply do not get the type of dialogue generated  today or the close knit face to face interaction we had – great job!

Rarely do we get the chance to hear from Operators of this level and seniority, open up like this and engage in such dialogue!- Thank you


Topics of discussion include but are not limited to:

·     Increasing Railway capacity

·      Challenges of implementing Communications Based Train Control

·      Infrastructure Optimsation

·      Migration barriers in equipping new lines.

·      Maximising the flexibility in the way the line is operated

·      Risk management for CBTC implementation

·      System interfaces challenges

·      Realising interoperability

·      Challenges in modernizing signalling on the entire railway

·      Reforming the suppliers process, procuring new technology and maintaining the ability to operate

·      Using CBTC and ETCS on the same line

·      Greenfield Challenges in upgrading existing lines whilst maintaining revenue  services and operation

·      Systems upgrades, installation and testing

·      Communications and data messaging

·      Challenges to the CBTC designs in the high speed environment

·      Predictive health monitoring and

·      Enhancing service delivery, reducing costs

·      Fall back systems

·      Human integration and development

·      Project management and life cycle costs

·      Digital infrastructure and information architectures